We are pleased to offer online entries to our events via Equo.
Please click on an event for more details and to complete your online entry. Your payment will be made securely and directly to us and you will receive instant confirmation. If you experience any difficulties or would like to speak to a member of the Equo support team please email to equo.events@timeinc.com

Schedules for upcoming Dressage Shows:

5th October 2019 Oaklands College

On line Entry for Dressage Shows:

If would like to help advertise Knebworth Dressage shows we would be most grateful if you would print off our flyer and pin up at your yard.

Knebworth Dressage Terms and Conditions - Click Here

Contact Information:

Mrs Gill Brown
Slipwood Farm Cottage
Slip Lane
Rabley Heath

Tel: - For the forseeable we will only communicate via email. This is temporary, hoping to be back to normal very soon.
**Please call evenings only between 6.30pm & 8.30pm

Email: knebworth2dressage@gmail.com

Venue address:
Oaklands College
Smallford Campus
Hatfield Road
St Albans